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We need your help

How you can support us:

In order to continue to do the work we do and reach even more young people living with MS, we are kindly asking for donations. 

With more and more people getting diagnosed with MS earlier, we know that there are hundreds if not thousands of young people who we are yet to reach. There are many fantastic MS charities in the UK but none of them are providing what we are. We are specifically supporting young people living with MS because we know how much they need it. 

When someone is diagnosed in their teens, 20's or early 30's they probably still have a number of large life decisions to make and realistically they're probably only just finding their feet in the adult world. On top of their new diagnosis, they'll be challenged with making decisions around education, employment, dating, starting a family, getting a mortgage, travelling, and so much more! And that's where we come in. We know how invaluable it is for people to speak to others who really get it, who understand what they're going through. We know the importance of being able to relate to others and feel seen and heard.

We therefore want to make MS Together the platform that it needs to be - to help support even more young people living with MS. 

All donations will go towards our future needs and plans which including (but not limited to): website costs (maintenance and increased functionality), premium design accounts (canva), business tools (Zoom, Later and business email accounts), merchandise, advertising (social media, business cards, leaflets, posters), staffing costs.

If you are not in a position to donate, you can support us in lots of other ways. Please consider following us on social media and engaging with our accounts or simply talking to others about our work to help spread the word.

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