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1-to-1 Support

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Here at MS Together we understand how much of a rollercoaster an MS diagnosis can be, and how much of a difference it can make to speak to someone who has lived experience of what you are going through. So we want to provide an ‘active listening’ service to help you if you are struggling.

As a member of MS Together, you can reach out to any one of the support team for a chat, and they will listen without judgement.

**Please do bear in mind that our support team are not trained counsellors, and as this is a voluntary service we will not be available 24/7. However if you reach out, we promise to respond as quickly as we can and, where necessary, we can help you to seek professional support.


Danielle Thorburn

Head of Support Team

"Hi all! I’m Danielle and I’m one of the MS Together admins. I’m a fully trained Mental Health First Aider, with previous experience in running mental health support groups. My inbox is always open for a chat, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch  a problem shared is a problem halved, and I will always provide a safe space to talk without judgement"


Emily Schofield 

Support Volunteer

"Hi my name is Emily and I’m 24. I love nature, creativity and triathlon. I have a degree in psychology and am currently training to be an occupational therapist. I plan to work in mental health when I qualify. Besides that I am always happy to chat and get to know what is meaningful to different individuals. I am looking forward to chatting and meeting you."


Bushra Shahriar

Support Volunteer

"Hello everyone!! I'm Bushra and I've been supporting people for the past 5 years through a service I used to volunteer for. I'm always free if you need to talk so please drop me a message."


Robyn May

Support Volunteer

"Hi everyone! I’m Robyn May. Since being diagnosed with MS I’ve really experienced first hand how much of a difference it makes to talk to someone who understands what you are going through. It can help with putting your mind at ease. My inbox is always open to anyone that needs it."

Emotional support: Meet the Team
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