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Meet hundreds of other people living with MS

Join our private Facebook group

MS Together started off as a community organisation based on Facebook. The idea of the private Facebook group is to enable members to connect with each other in an informal yet safe way. It is essentially a peer to peer support service where you can ask any questions you have about MS and there will always be someone who has gone through something similar to you and can give you advice. You can also post anonymously if you'd prefer. To join the private Facebook groups, you will be asked a number of membership questions and you qill also be asked to agree to some group rules - this is just to make sure that MS Together remains the safe and supportive place that it  currently is. There's a few different private Facebook groups available:

- Our main private Facebook group with over 1000 members for 18-35 year old's 

- Our Regional Groups for members currently in our 18-35 year old group

- Our brand new private Facebook group for over 35 year old's

Click below and find your group today! 

*If you don't use social media but would still like to get involved / find out more, please email us at

Join us on Instagram

We recognise that a lot of people no longer use Facebook so we want to make sure that we cater for as many people as possible. If your preference is Instagram, please follow us and send us a direct message confirming your age, location and diagnosis and we will add you to our membership database.

For friends and family

If you'd like to keep up to date with what we do and be a part of our community, then we've got the below options available. We also wanted to give friends and family of our members a space to become a part of our community.

Follow us on social media

We encourage anyone with an interest in MS or MS Together to follow us on social media. We have a presence on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube - you can find our handles at the bottom of the page.

Membership options: What We Do
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