Membership Options

For MS Together members

Up until now our members have been based on social media (Facebook and Instagram) but we're now also opening up membership to people who don't use social media. So, here's how to become an official member of MS Together:


Become an MS Together member

To become a member of MS Together, you must have received a diagnosis of MS, be living in the UK or Ireland, and you must be aged between 18-35. If you fit this criteria, please continue to fill out the below form.

By becoming an official member of MS Together, you will be sent all exclusive updates to our services and upcoming events via email which means hopefully you'll never miss a thing! You can opt out at any time by emailing 

Please answer all questions you are comfortable with. Your personal information will be kept securely and will only be held for our records. 

Join our private Facebook group

If you'd also like to become a member of our private Facebook group page, simply click below. Again, once you've answered the membership questions, you will be welcomed into the group and you will be free to post.

Join us on Instagram

We recognise that a lot of people no longer use Facebook so we want to make sure that we cater for as many people as possible. If your preference is Instagram, please follow us and send us a direct message confirming your age, location and diagnosis and we will add you to our membership database.

For everyone else

If you don't fit the MS Together age or location demographic but you'd still like to keep up to date with what we do and be a part of our community, then we've got the below options available. We also wanted to give friends and family of our members a space to become a part of our community.


Subscribe to our website

By subscribing to our website, you will receive emails about any exciting news or progress that we have made. You can find the subscribe bar at the bottom of this page.

Follow us on social media

We encourage anyone with an interest in MS or MS Together to follow us on social media. We have a presence on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube - you can find our handles at the bottom of the page.